Creatures Sightings

Mr. Claws The Crab

Mr. Claws the crab is a very convenient household pet. We don't need to worry about our lovely flowers, because he guards them with his claws at the ready - snap, snap! Who knew Mr. Claws would work out so well?

Long Tail The Lizard

I used to be a pirate sailing the Caribbean Seas until my ship sank. I became civilized and now live in a quiet backyard watching ... waiting ... I'm not sure the bugs like me because I eat them, but what can I say? They're delicious, and they are considered pests. I love it here, so I'm a stayer!

Arana The Spider

Our spider, Arana, likes it in her sunny new home. She watches her section of the garden happily and cheerfully. Arana is a lot like the spider who climbed up the waterspout except for one thing: She hasn't climbed up a waterspout. She isn't even near a waterspout! But one trait Arana does have like the other spider is curiosity. Once she got over her shyness, she immediately began to explore. We're glad she's happy here!